New fictional armoured vehicles in 6mm scale

New vehicles fictional line is available at my Shapeways shop.

Inspired by World War 1, dieselpunk fiction and some tabletop game.

First, is a armoured personnel carrier Mk.A.
It can be used as a proxy for GW Chimera model (in 6mm scale games of course).
Self-propelled mortar


WW1-style self-propelled artillery
used by fictional Solar Empire defenders


And flamer scorching tank

That’s all for this time.

I’m planning to make also these models:

  • Armageddon defenders heavy tank
  • Anti-tank SPG
  • Space drops APC
  • Space drops light tank
  • Tactical rocket «Deadly punch»
  • AA-artillery vehicle
  • Renegades siege gun SPG

One more thing

Some historical models also available there. For example, this new model of SU-85 Soviet SPG:
I hope, someone might be interested


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