Mark IV tank by Baccus 6mm

Last year, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the end of the World War 1, the conflict with vague causes and numerous victims. In addition to many other new weaponry, this war was remembered by the first appearance of tanks. The first to create them and massively applied was Britain, with the rhombic tank «Mark I». It is a clumsy design by modern standards, the main weapons — two 57mm guns in the side sponsons. The improved version was the «Mark IV» model.


And now about the model. The company produces it «Baccus 6mm», which specializes in miniature on a 6mm scale. They produce a very wide range of time periods and countries. In addition to the figures of soldiers, they began to produce vehicle models. And one of the first vehicle models is the model of «Mark IV male» tank. The test prototype was modeled by me and after revision became available in the Baccus store.

Link to «Baccus 6mm» WW1 British armor section:


Here are photos of the models I received. As you can see, this is a traditional solder casting technology (usually tin and lead). Detailing turned out better than other 6mm models that I saw. On the model were tiny potholes that disappeared after putty and painting. The rest was without problems.



This model is slightly larger than regular 6mm scale models (1/285). The manufacturer stated that they are 1/240.

If you need exactly 1/285 scale, the same model is available in my Shapeways section.

Different tank models and scales also available.
These model version is 3d printed with photopolymer material.


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