Projects summary

Current project: 

Shapeways shop — Forpost D6 Miniatures Link.
6mm, 1/220, 1/160, 15mm and 28mm print-on demand 3d models — catalog.
Free 3d models for printing
Perished Lands
tabletop miniature game (skirmish), SciFi, post-apocalypse, 28mm scale
Story (Wiki, RU)  Rules  Concepts Prototypes  Alternative models

Others projects:

Hive Queen and Country by Terry Sofian — steampunk
I’m planning to make models for that game
Warfire — unofficial simple rules for 15mm wargames

Frozen projects:

Rebellum — steampunk skirmish, 32mm
Altkrieg — miniature game, fictional tanks, 15mm scale

— What is Forpost D6?
— It’s just kind of keyword of all my miniature game projects. 


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